Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is about visualisation and meaning-making.  It’s about listening to a group, capturing their important ideas, observations and questions and mapping them out so the big picture of what is being created is visible to the group.  Graphic recording is live, whilst the conversation is happening and the map is the output, the creation handed over to the group at the end of the day as a record of what has happened.  The key skills are listening and serving the group, with words and pictures being the medium through which this is done.

The map has many uses, for example, photographs can be taken to illustrate newsletters, webpages and other products from the day.  They are often used as summaries of a conversation, to aid both those who were present and those who couldn’t make it.  And people like to display them in their office buildings as a public record of their work.  Graphic recording can also be used alongside facilitation to support groupwork.  I often work with facilitators and clients throughout the workshop design process to work out how best graphic recording can support them.

Please take a look through my portfolio to see examples of my work.  If you’d like to chat through a potential project or idea, please don’t hesitate to contact me.