Introduction to Art of Hosting, 6th – 7th June 2014

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The Art of Hosting – a 2 day introduction, 6th – 7th June 2014, Bristol, UK

The world is changing. Within that, there is a sense amongst many that our lives are increasingly full of ‘busy-ness’ and that we need space to consider the changing world and our place in it. We see that there is a yearning for change and a ground swell of energy for positive ideas and actions all over the world. Perhaps we are asking ‘Where do I stand in the face of these changes? How can I connect or reconnect with my own passions and creativity? What’s my contribution to change?’

Where do we go from here? What would you do if you believed anything was possible?

Do you find yourself asking questions about the future and your place in it? This 2 day Introduction to the Art of Hosting will provide an opportunity to explore methods that support the development of our questions and ways in which we can be in conversation about them. These approaches provide a pathway for our own development, for our work with others, and for creating the changes we wish to see in the world. We will create an intentional space for conversation, for people to tune in, to explore together what can unfold, what is under the surface, and what is at the core of what we seek to achieve.

Hosting team:
Linda Joy Mitchell, Sarah Whiteley, Niamh Carey, Paul Smart, Jamie Colston, Steve Watters and
Meredith Freeman are the team supporting and co-hosting this introductory workshop. We are
stewards, graphic artists, community developers and experienced practitioners in the Art of Hosting
and in creating and holding generative spaces of inquiry and learning.

What will we learn?

• An introduction to core conversation and dialogue methodologies such as Open Space, Circle, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry
• An introduction to underlying models and world views that underpin the art of hosting: Living systems, the 4-fold practice, the Chaordic path, Ecocycle
• Space to reflect on your own work and purpose and how to put what you have learned into practice. Bring a question, a project, a dream to work on with fellow participants.

When: 6th -7th June 2014

Where: Hamilton House, Bristol, UK

Cost: £225 if your organisation is paying the fee, £175 if you are paying your own fee.

Registration: please complete our registration form

More information: Registration, payments or venue please contact Niamh at or via the contacts page on this website.  For information on the Art of Hosting, please contact Paul at or Jamie at

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