LiveWell for LIFE 2014

0 1 25/03/2014

In June 2014, I worked with the LiveWell for LIFE team to host their third and final stakeholder workshop.  The LiveWell project began life at WWF as a demonstration of how the environmental impacts of our British diet could be reduced by following a slightly revised EatWell plate as promoted by the UK Government and NHS.  The project showed that by following a healthy diet, we could also eat an environmentally sustainable diet.

The programme expanded on receipt of EU funding and the LiveWell team partnered with Friends of Europe to host a pan-European project looking at how Government dietary advice could be updated to include the consideration of environmental impacts.  Cultural dietary factors were taken into consideration by implementing research in Sweden, Spain and France.  I facilitated the first 2 stakeholder workshops with my friend and WWF facilitator, Rod Sterne.  Workshop 3 was designed and facilitated another friend and WWF facilitator, Lucy Young.

We were tasked with supporting participants to sort through and prioritise some quite lengthy research findings so that all stakeholders had the opportunity to refine and influence the final report to the EU.  Outputs from the workshop have been collated here and the full project is described on their website.




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