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In 2013, Linda Mitchell and I were invited to support Tearfund’s Advocacy and Media group (AMG) as they examined their strategic approach to their work.  The team were questioning their entire approach and in a very courageous move were looking to move from a single issue strategy to one based on systemic approaches.  You can read more in this blog written by Micha Naberhaus and Lara Kirch at Smart CSOs about the approach Tearfund have taken (with a picture of my graphic showing another example of how they can be used): From single issues towards systemic change: Tearfund’s ‘Project Doughnut’

In our hosting approach, Linda and I combined facilitation with graphic recording very successfully.  Having learned from our earlier work together, we knew that it was possible for me to lead some of the hosting as long as I was able to have a break between graphic recording and hosting.  Graphic recording tunes you in to listening and sensing what is happening in the room.  Although similar, I feel that hosting is using different parts of my brain, so a cup of tea between sessions allows me to move between one mode and another!  And as part of the design team, I was able to work with Linda and the core AMG team to fully integrate the graphic recording into the workshop design.

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